Benincà Group

RISE: Guaranteed security

In residential and industrial urban contexts, RISE systems ensure smart access management and maximum control. The product range includes bollards for protection or traffic management, pedestrian gates of various types and access control systems.

Systems are designed as a result of excellent know-how developed through constantly searching for innovative solutions to improve the mobility of people and things in various daily situations. For RISE, reliability is synonymous with quality. It offers a whole world made up of systems that can improve people’s lives interacting with the most modern security systems on the market.

The result is an open, highly developed system that can be integrated in any urban context. SMART MOVING is therefore becoming a promise fulfilled.

RISE has been part of the BENINCA’ group since 2009 and offers and sells solutions worldwide, interacting with professionals in the security sector. The company also works with and supports designers and architects during the design phase to identify the best technological solutions.

Integrated systems for global contexts where movement is becoming strategic.

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