Benincà Group

New generation of road barriers

BENINCA’ presents the new generation of road barriers, designed to maximize performances.Several improvements have been made in terms of reliability, safety and quick installation:


  • This is achieved thanks to the absolute encoder which allows superior precision in slowdowns and therefore an advanced control on the movement of the rod, without ever losing the reference posture in the event of power blackout or with the release of the automation system;
  • Extended range power supply 85 to 265 Vac which minimizes standby power consumption, provided with built-in battery-charger;
  • Integrated STC System for the regular calculation of torque; this allows you to adjust the force as a function of any critical point or according to the real needs;
  • You can also set the number of cycles after which the scheduled maintenance notice of is triggered.


  • This is guaranteed thanks to the precise torque control system (STC System) that avoids false amperometric interventions thus representing, also during the installation and test phases of the system, a valuable tool in the field of regulations related to safety and in compliance with the impact curve values;
  • You can also check the safety devices at the beginning of each manoeuvre (phototest)

SPEED AND PROMPTNESS in installation

  • This is possible thanks to the new generation control box with its LCD display, built-in receiver and parameter AUTO SET;
  • The serial connection has an easy and prompt connection for functioning in contrasting rod mode;

The control panels installed in the new road barriers are also ADVANTOUCH Ready: so that you can apply all the functionality of the new programmer (software update and list management).

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