Benincà Group

BYOU: quick and easy to install

Byou is the Benincà brand specialising in door and gate automation devices for residential use, designed to be quick and easy to install. In a world in which end users are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and aware, it is important to offer the right product to meet consumers’ specific requests.

Those who choose one of the five BYOU kits are a choosing a high-end product, renowned for the quality of the materials, its youthful and modern design and for being 100% made in Italy. You can easily buy the kit most suited to your needs through the new BYOU portal ( Video guides show you how to install your chosen products by yourself in just a few steps.

The portal also lets you contact BYOU staff directly through a chat feature so that you can clarify any doubts and receive product advice directly. The BYOU portal gives you the option to set up a personal account, navigate the site easily by setting up a list of favourite products, view your purchase history and re-order quickly with a single click. It is easy and intuitive to navigate and consult on any device.