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New flashing light IRI.LAMP

Our eyes are the organs through which we enter into contact with reality, experience our emotions, construct our future. This was Benincà’s inspiration for its new IRIDE line.

We have always made products that enable us to improve our lives, making places and people safe. Every day we envisage our products as vehicles through which to experience the world, and this “vehicle” concept is the inspiration behind the accessories in the new Benincà line.

IRI.LAMP is a flashing lamp whose exclusive design perfectly encapsulates this idea of contact, of the product as a genuine vehicle of communication.
The central hole, a distinctive feature of the entire IRIDE line, gives the flashing lamp a unique form that sets it apart from other models on the market. With an integrated antenna and wide range 20÷255 V ac/dc power supply, IRI.LAMP is designed for quick and easy installation: smart construction solutions that make the product very straightforward.
IRI.LAMP has a flashing function. If it is installed in obsolete facilities or ones with systems that already manage the switching on and off of the light, it is possible to reduce the relative resistance to deactivate the internal flash circuit, thus leaving intermittence management to the system.
IRI.LAMP is the most exclusive flashing lamp on the market.

New tactile and visual perceptions that allow us to experience objects in a more profound way, making them an integral part of ourselves: our eyes for viewing reality.


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