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Benincà Polonia: a story of a successful path

Benincà Polonia is one of the historic branches of the group. Founded in 2004, over these years it has contributed to making first the brand Benincà then the brand of the group achieve a leading position in the Polish territory. Let’s go through this path again with Andrzej Pawluk, general manager of Benincà Polonia.

Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself? 
I studied at the Silesian and Warsaw University of Technology and majored in two fields, namely mechanical and construction of power engineering and electrical engineering. Since the very beginning of my career path, I have worked in this sector, for the last 10 years I have been working as general manager of Benincà Polonia.

How, where and when did you start? 
I have worked in Benincà Polonia since the early stages of this company. We could say that I cooperated with the Italian representatives of the parent company Benincà to found the branch in Poland, which was opened in 2004.

Could you please explain us your role and how it has developed over the years?
For the first 3 years, I held the position of technical manager. Since 2007, I have been the general manager. My task is to develop and consolidate the position of the Benincà brand in the Polish market.

Could you tell us a little bit more about the reach and the current market range of the company? 
For almost 14 years, together with our team of employees and our distributors, we have been building the position of the Benincà brand in the Polish market. Our distribution network has contributed to selling and spreading the whole range of products of Benincà Group in Poland. Practically, the greatest players can be found in the Polish market. After so many years of work in this good company, we still manage to occupy one of the top four positions of the product market share.

Could you please explain what your most important decision was? 
After so many years of work, it is difficult to pinpoint which one was the most important decision. I think that introducing loyalty programs for our distributors on a yearly basis was a decision of paramount importance. This has contributed to developing a closer relationship with our distributors and a direct cooperation with the final users, which significantly increased the popularity of the product and the turnover of the company.

What are the unique features of the company and its products? How do you manage to distinguish yourself from your competitors? 
I believe that nowadays customer service is the most important element to ensure a stable and long-term development. At Beninca Polonia, we strive to improve our skills every day in order to provide our distributors with the best service possible. The second essential factor that guarantees the development and the implementation of a long-term strategy is the product quality. In this respect, I would like to thank the company Benincà for providing us with high quality products for our distributors and consumers, products that stand out for their high quality. The quality of the service and the products is the best tool to build and develop a brand. It also gives us the opportunity to establish a stronger position in the market and satisfy our distributors and consumers in a better way.

How do you see the company and its brand over the next 10 years? 
In today's market, the situation is changing very dynamically and it is difficult to predict what will happen in the coming years and how the gate automation market will develop. For many years I have been observing the changes in the market and have been listening mainly to my colleagues and distributors. I have noticed one important and common feature, namely a stable, consistent and long-term strategy. This is what distributors expect from us. Many years ago, we chose a strategy that has turned out to be really effective. In addition, I think that product innovation and the implementation of new technologies in our products will make us stand out even more than our competitors and will translate into more success.

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