Benincà Group


Security devices for door and gate automation systems have developed significantly. This is particularly true for encoders as technological advances have improved not only performance but also safety and precision in all handling phases.

Benincà has chosen magnetic encoders for its automated systems as the technology is much more reliable than the optical versions. Optical encoders operate by visually reading a light pulse.

Any impediment such as the presence of grease, deformed components, etc. can compromise correct reading and cause the motor to malfunction. Magnetic encoders operate by reading magnetic pulses so performance is guaranteed in all conditions, dirt, presence of grease, etc.

Thanks to its experience which over the years has made it a leader in the automation sector, BENINCA' has designed a more advanced magnetic encoder, with higher resolution that lets it transmit more pulses during the same time period. This leads to even more precise adjustment and greater control of door movement and also of the slowing phases.


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