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Superbe 5-YEAR Guarantee

SUPERBE is the new rolling shutter backed by the experience and expertise of CAB.
Today, the Superbe is the benchmark product for the market thanks to the design and production technology implemented by the company. In comparison with the previous model, the new SUPERBE has a flange made from a high-performance techno-polymer which enables an improved distribution of the load.

This modification makes the Superbe a unique product with best-of-class performance. In addition the models of the 60 series, available in 230 V AC and 24 V DC versions with one or two motors, are now guaranteed for 5 YEARS. These are all features which demonstrate the company and group decision to concentrate on specific market sectors and segments with the primary objective of achieving high levels of specialisation.

Superbe is the ideal product for professional installers because it provides leading edge technology which is fast, simple and easy to install.

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