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Meryeme and Imene Ayadi told us some more about CAB

In Algeria there is another story of entrepreneurship and family.

It is a story with solid roots, a united family with three children who know both the market’s resale and installation aspects.

During Benincà Group’s ContestAfrica2017, the two sisters, Meryeme and Imene Ayadi told us some more about their business and its cooperation with CAB, which started in 2001.

“Ours is a family business, in which my siblings and I work every day with Benincà group’s products. We are electrical engineers and so we know the product well at a technical level too.

We have been selling CAB products for 15 years, and we can say that in all these years the aspects which make the product so highly appreciated are surely the electronic and mechanical quality, and their design. The SUPERBE shutter motor guarantees high performance and long life for its automation.

CAB’s evolution from company to group in these last years has definitely improved the level of service offered, both in post-sales and in training-related matters. We can always get updated, having direct and immediate contact with the whole staff.

Every day we work with closure solutions, and we do a large part of our business with CAB.

CAB is simply our life.
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