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Technology, speed and security. News about sliding gates and industrial doors.

Automation for gates, like for other technological products, in recent years has been forced to comply with growing needs for new performance and functions. As Benincà, we have always communicated with the professional user. This is the target that we envisaged when we designed suitable technological solutions that would guarantee maximum reliability.

In the range of sliding gate motors, inverter technology is now available on the new models BULL15OMI (up to 1500 kg) and YAK25OTI (up to 2500 kg). This is actually an indispensable tool for ensuring compliance with regulations, also in case of installation characterised by significant weight or loads. This device allows us to increase the safety of the automation, guarantee a reduction of mechanical stress, and lengthen the lifespan of the actuator and other components (rack, etc.). By controlling the speed of movement and the output of the motor torque in relation to the gate position, the inverter guarantees safe anti-crushing operation, and therefore high reliability of the installation.

Speaking of performance, we have introduced a new range of fast motors, both for sliding gates and for sectional doors. BULL Turbo and JIM Turbo are the two products containing the new features that help move gates and doors very quickly. The opening speed, besides being a patience issue, is also a valid security tactic, which reduces to a minimum the time in which the gate stays open after we have gone through.

Anti-intrusion Security
Advanced Rolling Code is the new code introduced in 2016 that, thanks to a high number of possible combinations (around 340 billion billion billion billions) is an absolutely new product in the automation work, which allows us to protect our homes with a very high level of security. ARC protection is comparable only to the most sophisticated encryption systems used for banking transactions (such as Paypal) and guarantees total security against cloning of transmitters. All Benincà automation devices can accommodate this new coding, and some models have this format exclusively (BULL1524).

Security and prevention against impact
Speaking of protection, the encoder technology used in many types of motors guarantees precision during the gate movement phases, which allows us to view possible accidents to people or property with total tranquillity. The new motors for industrial doors from the VN series have many new features, including an easier, more user-friendly wiring scheme and the presence of the encoder device.

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