Benincà Group

Benincà a 40 year long history: 1979-2019

Our originsdate back to 1979 when Aldo, young and full of ambition, would design motorsfor gates in his garage at home and his younger brother Luigi would drivearound the province of Vicenza looking for their first customers.

Thisadventure, which began as a dream and has grown thanks to our innate passion,celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2019: a milestone that we will be markingwith various events, both in the company and in each of our internationalbranches, dedicated to our employees, customers and collaborators.

The name wehave chosen for this anniversary celebration has significant symbolic value,linked to the concepts of origin and tradition but always with a focus on thepresent and a keen eye on the future.
A name - “RADICI”, or roots - to recall all the stages of our adventure, ajourney encompassing the past, present and future in which our roots havebecome a tree with solid foundations and branches that stretch out towards newhorizons.

In 2019 we want to look back at our 40 years in the business with an image thatrepresents “life”, in which the similarities between the history of the companyand that of its family - with whom it all began - are more evident than ever.

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