Benincà Group

The cooperation between the companies of our Group has always made possible the development of projects able to satisfy the needs of different kinds of users. With regard to the integration of the automation sector with that one of gate accessories, HI-MOTIONS has developed a system consisting of a carriage (301.8LM) that is perfectly integrable and compatible with Benincà automations, and not only. By supplying a personalised joint, the system can be easily integrated with different kinds of automations. The advantages of this system are certainly the perfect integration with the automation that can be fixed either by itself or on the same plate of the carriage, guaranteeing a linear and clean external design, and the safety level achievable with this system thanks to the inner rack, which eliminates the danger of drawing in and/or crushing the transmission parts. In addition, the absence of the track on the ground, like in all cantilever sliding gates, represents the ideal solution in case of gates located on a slope (slanted passages). The LM system is available in different versions namely the one compatible with all Benincà sliding motors, both commercial and industrial models from BULL10M to BISON45 OTI, and those with joints compatible with the related automation (upon specific request). In order to complete the installation, Hi-Motions suggests the 8-wheel carriage without pinion and the version without pinion, but with side wheels, for a greater stability. To build your own gate, it is always possible to use the configurator that provides, step by step, both technical information and details about the suitable accessories.

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