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Swing gates and limited side space

In swing gates characterised by big posts, motors equipped with articulated arms usually represent the ideal solution concerning the automation. Benincà offers three models namely BEN, MBE and PREMIER for swing gates up to 4 m length. Regarding the model PREMIER, we have developed some accessories that allow sorting out the problems connected to limited or absent side space, or sloping road. In this respect, our company has designed some accessories that can solve some of the most common problems, let us see them in detail.

Installation on posts of small size or in lack of side space
In those cases, in which the side space does not allow the installation of the motor in parallel with the passage way, the accessory plate PR.PL allows installing the motor perpendicularly to the passage way, as shown in the picture A. In this case, the motor can be located even in spaces characterised by only 16 cm depth. Another case, in which the plate for the perpendicular mounting of the motor PREMIER can be useful, concerns gates characterised by posts of small size (up to 10 cm length), as shown in the picture B.

Precisely in installations with limited or absent side space due to the presence of an obstacle (a wall, a fence, etc.), the plate can be combined with the sliding arm PR.BS that, thanks to the horizontal sliding, allows solving the space problem connected to the classical “elbow movement” of the traditional arm.

Installation in sloping areas
In sloping areas, the installation of the articulated arm is possible thanks to the accessory jointed arm PR.SN allowing the correct movement of the arm through a 13° oscillation that adjusts the movement to the sloping area, as shown.

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