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BPeople: Vince Tomkulak | In the United States and Canada gates are made in Hi-Motions

Vince Tomkulak is the owner of Avant Guard Gates, a company founded 20 years ago. The story of this company, which is linked to the automation sector, began in a garage, but passion and entrepreneurial skills have enabled it to expand in various areas: construction, installation of gates, automation of importing and distribution. The cooperation with Benincà began in 2009.

The relationship between Avant Guard and Hi-Motions began almost 10 years ago. Thanks to an invitation from the owner - the Benincà family - to come on a cruise. And since then we established a relationship that works well”. Explains Vince”. Explains Vince.

It is precisely thanks to this partnership with Avant Guard Gates that we were able to develop many important products, like the 16 wheel TANK self-supporting carriage.

The NOWAY product and TANK system have shown they are perfectly integrated in the solutions we are focusing on in the development of the North American market” continues Vince “for high security locations like Chicago airport, Chicago Zoo or even Facebook. These are zones with very sensitive data and you can’t simply have people getting in easily”.

In recent years listening to the market’s requirements and adapting the product has been key for the success of the partnership between Avant Guard Gates and the Benincà group. The strongest confirmation of the success are the constant testimonials for our products - as we have also seen recently on our channels - like this 6 metre high gate with a net clearance of 12m and 5 tonnes of weight, which has been used for the installation of an energy transformation substation in New Jersey. A place requiring high levels of protection and privacy and therefore all the experience of Hi-Motions.

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