Benincà Group

What are design and architecture for Claudio Galvan?

Benincà started focusing on design, involving the R&D and marketing departments, in 2003. The aim – explained Claudio Galvan – was to start an introspective journey to allow Benincà to find a strong identity and become a recognised brand on a global scale. We approached this change gradually but firmly. “I remember when I stepped into Aldo Benincà’s office for the first time” – said Claudio Galvan, designer and architect who has been working for the company since the early 2000s. “The style was classic and elegant. The new colours aimed at consolidating the company’s identity and roots. That’s why we needed a drastic change of direction.” “The Benincà brothers seized the opportunity, taking on the challenge and showing outstanding interpersonal and professional skills.” Claudio continues: “I remember when Aldo Benincà asked me if I was sure about what we were doing. At that moment, I realised that he believed in the project and trusted me with this change.”
Today, the company maintains that same level of research and study in the creation of new product ranges and new social spaces. In this regard, the company has recently inaugurated the food & living space and the “1979” restaurant. It has also renovated the office and reception area to highlight Benincà’s journey as a brand synonymous with innovation and professionalism.

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