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BULL SE: Connectivity and advanced precision

In common spaces, it is necessary to quickly and safely manage a large number of daily entrances with different users. The "SE" models represent the new generation of BULL 24 Vdc motors for sliding gates. The electronics have been redesigned, with a switch-mode power supply, to guarantee not only lower power consumption, but also better movement control and more precise deceleration management. The integrated receiver, with its exclusive ARC (Advanced Rolling Code), can store up to 2,048 radio transmitters. It can also be managed remotely using the BeUP application and the pro.UP interface, for professional-grade connectivity.


The control unit, located on top of the motor, has an integrated switch-mode power supply for high-frequency control and more precise adjustment of the motor's acceleration and deceleration phases.


All BULL SE series models have an integrated battery charger and are designed to accommodate batteries in the motor to ensure they continue to operate even in the event of a power outage.

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