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MULTIPASS access control

Today's name for access control is MULTIPASS, a new integrated system that manages real-time accesses from any PC connected to the network.The types of access may be pedestrian or vehicular and are checked with different types of terminals (readers, antennas, licence plate readers, card readers and remote controls). MULTIPASS can handle up to 255 terminals and an unlimited number of rolling code cards/remote controls.

It does not require any software to be installed and its reliability is ensured by a VORTEX 86 800 Mhz processor supported by a 256 MB RAM.

MULTIPASS allows you to:

  • Manage various groups of people
  • Handle countdown cards/subscriptions
  • Enable/disable cards and/or users
  • Manage different access zones/time slots
  • Manage the system remotely including technical assistance
  • Create an automatic back up of recorded events/transactions
  • Export recorded data about transactions/events

The RISE access control system can also operate in stand-alone mode.The various connected terminals are managed through a RS485 serial line, with the option to configure the concentrator as primary or secondary.

Therefore you can manage very complex systems through the series connection of several devices that interact with each other according to precise logics and hierarchies.For more information :

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