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The array of Hi-Motions accessories for cantilever gates: a wide, complete range and attention to professionals.

The HI-MOTIONS solutions are designed for professionals, and it is to them that the company offers its services. The tools made available to our customers comprise: video tutorials - essential to get all the information necessary for installation - information brochures and an online configurator which in a few quick steps allows configuring your cantilever system obtaining not only the technical system specifications but also the list of accessories needed to construct it.

The line of accessories for cantilever gates is the flagship of the company, a truly TOP range of products that guarantees professional performance in any application or context thanks to: 
1)QUALITY OF THE MATERIALS: use of high tensile steels 
2)FEM CERTIFICATIONS All this translates into greater reliability as well as optimisation of system construction costs and reduced gate dimensions. A great many models are available with 5, 8, 9 and 16 wheels divided into 7 series (S, M, XM, L, LM, XL and XXL) depending on the dimensions and characteristics of the gate or application.

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