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Esa System: pioneers in energy saving!

"In 2006, I was already asking myself what could be done to consume less energy. At that time, the media were talking about a more conscious use of resources. However, energy costs per kWh were lower than today and energy saving wasn’t part of people’s mindset yet. I already suspected that we’d have to deal with issues like waste disposal and rising energy demand in the future.

The products I was designing made me think about the possibility to adopt a system that could reduce energy consumption. In particular, I focused on gates and doors that open occasionally. These residential applications absorb and dissipate energy the whole time due to the Joule effect. One day, during a technical inspection, I leaned against a transformer and burned my hand. That’s when I realised that a transformer was the element that dissipated most energy, and keeping it powered when the gate was inactive didn’t make any sense. So I started working on it, pen drawing the first sketches until I filed a patent application for Industrial Invention in 2008, obtaining it in 2012 from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

In 2007, we started developing the ESA BASIC system, which ensured low consumption for existing automations by switching off the peripheral systems when in standby. We also developed the first product range integrating the ESA SYSTEM. Obtaining that patent was a huge source of satisfaction for me and for my R&D team. However, as often happens with patents, the market didn’t welcome this innovation immediately. On the contrary, it was perceived as something useless because people were used to see powered photocells and accessories without considering energy costs and energy-saving issues. Determination,  perseverance, and the company’s support allowed us to improve this technology over the years. The result was ESA+ which further optimised consumption. From there, we improved the switched-mode power supply and new motor-control technologies through sustainable design. In brief, we continuously improved our products in line with Benincà’s philosophy: Good people, excellent products."

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