Benincà Group

BeMOVE: Overview of the system
to control automations through smartphone

What are the advantages of having a physical gateway compared to Wi-Fi on-board the motor?

Definitely the range: the gateway Hoop is physically located inside the house, so it has not got any Wi-Fi connection problems. In addition to this, it communicates with the automations with a 868 MHz frequency through the g.MOVE module. This frequency ensures a higher range than a normal Wi-Fi network (230m in open air). The presence of the gateway Hoop also allows extending the use of the BeMOVE system not only to automations, but also to other devices in the household.

Is the registration to the server necessary?

Yes, registration is necessary in order to use the Benincà app. The use of the cloud server is free for the users, it guarantees a higher security, the highest reliability and the possibility for our company to expand the capacity of the system very quickly.

What happens if the user loses the smartphone? How is the security of our access guaranteed?

The account created to use the Be.MOVE system is associated to the smartphone. In case the smartphone was stolen or lost, it is possible to exclude the access to the system from that smartphone by having access from a new device and confirming this intention through the email address used for the registration.

When can the offline mode be useful?

In all those situations in which the Internet connection is not available. It is possible later to shift from the Offline Mode to the other ones directly from the app BeMOVE. The other two possible modes are Open Mode and Security Mode. These three different communication possibilities make the BeMOVE system extremely versatile.

GPS notifications. Will it be possible in the future to send a command
through the GPS without notifications?

We are developing a package for this kind of request. At the moment, we have preferred to keep the notification for safety reasons and to prevent sending commands accidentally. Overall, in our system we have worked a lot on notifications because we consider them a strong point compared to other products on the market. Alerts are very useful in all those cases in which the system operates devices that allow the access to important places, for examples our homes.

How many accounts can be managed with each gateway?

Each gateway can manage up to 500 different users.

Is it possible to wire up devices directly to the gateway?

Yes, of course, the system allows operating loads up to 5A – 250 Vac (both the g.MOVE and the HOOP).

In case of system operation with Security Mode, which implies the presence of master and slave users, can the slave user see the master users in the app BeMOVE?

No, only the Super Master or the Master can see the account type by having access to the section “Users” in the side menu of the app.