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RTF: the full-height turnstile

In locations needing a high level of security with control of pedestrian flow, the full-height turnstile is the ideal solution. Available in single- or double- passage versions, with a 3 or 4 section rotor, the RTF bi-directional turnstile is equipped with an integrated control centre with an easy and simple display. The turnstile’s behaviour can be customised in the event of an electrical failure (rotor block or free in/out rotation). The sturdy structure and the absence of intrusion points make the stile ideal in contexts where there is considerable pedestrian flow (1200 passages per hour for the single-passage version, 2x1200 for the double-passage version). The absence of weld points makes replacing the arms especially simple in cases of breakage/wear. RTF can be integrated in any type of access control system, and is equipped with LED passage indicators, series anti-trap bars, side barriers available as accessories or incorporated in the RTF.F/RTF.FI version.
RISE further offers the possibility to customise, according to requirements or instalment environment, the colour of the painted version; roof and platform available as accessory.

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