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SPARTACUS: from Rise, a new standard for hydraulic bollards

Spartacus is the latest innovation from the range of bollards produced by Rise, the Benincà Group company specialised in safety systems and management of accesses. Presented at the last edition of the Sicurezza Fiera Milano, the Milan Security Fair, in November 2021, Spartacus is an oil-dynamic bollard with an independent hydraulic pump for each bollard.

“We wanted to expand our range of products,” - explains Mirco Cantele, Brand Sales Manager of RISE - because Rise’s mission has always been to reinforce the Smart Moving promise, which for us means uniting technology and design in products that guarantee high standards of security and performance”. The new arrival in Rise is the response to a progressively more broadly-based demand. Indeed, never before have bollards been the practical solution to a plethora of issues: primarily anything linked to security. Ideal for the management and protection of access to road vehicles into private areas, bollards are also an essential tool when an anti-breakthrough protection is needed in highly-sensitive places: from bank branches to shop windows facing onto road systems. And not only this: bollards can be used even where there is a need to protect pedestrian areas, pavements or cycle paths.

Because of their retractable mechanism and minimalist design, new-generation road bollards are an excellent harmonising element as they respect aesthetic needs in all the contexts they are used in, from urban centres to private dwellings. Like all its predecessors, the Spartacus bollard produced by Rise guarantees high technical and functional standards. Hydraulic technology is ideal for minimalizing wear and stress on mechanical components, but as well as that, every design aspect has been developed to guarantee the highest possible quality and functionality of use. Every bollard incorporates an independent hydraulic pump which guarantees duty cycles of up to 3500 a day. The Spartacus hydraulic bollard has a diameter of 275 mm, and is available in two height variations: 600 and 800 mm. Its design also offers two options: black graphite paint with cataphoresis treatment to ensure high resistance to surface corrosion, or stainless steel cladding.

Each model in the Spartacus line includes LED systems for visual signalling of the obstacle and a security system that facilitates unlocking in the event of an electricity failure.

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